Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Lb. Gummy Bear

When the above video first made its rounds on social media the Kitchen Husband was intrigued.  The man loves him some pineapple gummy candy.  It is both endearing and weird.

I wanted to appropriately thank him for the support during the recent move and decided the most logical way to do this is to make him his very own 5 pound pineapple gummy bear.

Based on a few experiences of leaving gummy candy in cars during the summer months I originally planned on buying 1,400 pineapple gummy bears and melting them together in a low degree oven.  But that felt a bit Hitlerish.

Instead I found a recipe posted on Skip To My Lou for making regular sized gummy candies.  The original recipe can be found here.

For reasons that are not up for discussion I already owned a bear cake mold.  In need of your own?  (Who isn't?)  Find one on Amazon here.


7 Cups Pineapple Juice Chilled
63 Oz. Orange Gelatin (Jell-O)
1 1/4 Cups + 1 Tbs. Unflavored Gelatin (42 Individual Packets)

The most tedious part of this project is opening up the packets of unflavored gelatin.  Or you could plan in advance and buy gelatin in bulk.  Unfortunately I came up with this idea after 10:00 PM and my local 24 hour grocer doesn't carry in bulk...

Next sift together the orange flavored gelatin and unflavored gelatin in a large sauce pan.  Add the chilled pineapple juice and give it a quick stir to combine.  Walk away for 15 minutes.

Now that the gelatin has had a chance to go all sciency and bloom for you crank the heat to medium and stir until completely dissolved.  This process took about 20 minutes total because of the sheer volume.

Give the cake mold a quick spritz of cooking spray and fill the mold with the liquid. 

Quickly realize you have more liquid than mold and make the last minute decision to also do a bunny gummy.  (Or use a rimmed baking sheet to do cut out gummy candies with the excess.)

I know this is an unfortunate shape but I promise it becomes a bunny.

Allow kitchen magic to happen overnight.  Seriously.  When you wake up you will have a giant gummy candy in a mold.  Use your index finger to wiggle around the perimeter of the mold.  Once loosened gently pry your hand into one side and using moderate force encourage the gummy out the rest of the way.

This step actually took me most of the morning due to a lot of anxiety that I was going to tear or otherwise harm the giant gummy.  Get over these fears.  It is a lot of gummy and does alright with a bit of force.

Here is where I fear I've been a bit misleading.  It is true that I set out to make a 5 pound gummy bear.  The Scientist, with all of his sciency ways, decided to empirically test at a local grocery store on my behalf.  Alas, this version comes in at 4.25 pounds...if those extra .75 pounds matter to you please be sure to go to Vat 19 and order the original (and true) 5 pounder.


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  1. Could you use a different jusice. Thanks Rhonda